Sunday, 25 March 2012

Various "Winners Don't Shiver" (#2) pifho016 cdr £4

They are loved, loathed, feared, despised and even worshipped; human beings whose appearances and natures often conspire to defy that very description. We call them freaks. We have exhibited them, exploited them, applauded them, laughed at them and, sometimes, shut them far away from the world...

Nackt Insecten “Dead Good Song”
The Gamecock “The Gila Myth Made Flesh”
Andrew Perry “The Mistake”
Acrid Lactations “Confess! Hapless Monkling”
Boom Edan “Hey Come Here”
Tripping Landlocked Infidels “With Spleen in Pocket”
Helhesten “Blue Steel Burned Off”
Hobo Sonn “Hydro-electric”
C.A.G. “Man Daby Vestibule for Pre Kluxen Serenade”
Johnny Scarr “Circular Hillage”
Bad Orb “Monobassatron”
CK Dexter Haven “Sightless Insects Chew Barnacled Rope”
Ananas Pyramidalis “Lytchett Lipshit”
Solipstink “Bogey Nights”
Kunstlusk “Everyone in Norway Loves This Climbing Mouse”

  Nackt Insecten - Dead good song by pifho

Smear Campaign "Rapunzel, Let Down Your Guard" pifho015 C35 £4

First part of the "Rapunzel" trilogy (apparently "there is an intricate concept and a narrative arc, but for the moment let's leave it at 'Futuro-Mediaevalism'"), the third of which, "Rapunzel, Let Down My Tyres" is already available on SC's excellent Total Vermin label - - and the second, "...Mother", is forthcoming on Beartown records -

Side 1 here is an emotional rollercoaster, long-since abandoned to vandalism and rust, which has been coaxed by feral youths into one final journey along the only remaining section of track between foreboding and despair, while side 2 features, among other things, what appears to be a thoroughly researched historical re-enactment of the infamous drum machine mutiny of 1986 at Roland Corporation headquarters.

Side A
1. Cadaver Palaver
2. "The Gag! The Gag!"
3. Archimedes' Mirror Self-Tan
Side B
1. Act 2: Snivelling Pissabed Enters
2. Conduit Locknuts, Loops and Nipples
3. Disco, Bald and Chain'd
4. A Warning to the Gable-Ended

  Smear Campaign - Cadaver palaver by pifho

Graham Stewart & Brendan McGeever "Larsson Sessions" pifho007 C46 £4

You were probably wondering why there was no pifho007 yet. You weren't? Ok. Well, it was set aside for these extra-special Kelvinside-twee synth noodlings, recorded, in honour of King Henke, over the course of two days, in a box-room, in 2004, between and during fried-egg rolls and cups of tea and a trip to Edinburgh and back. These have been left to mature for 7 years and are only now ready for your consumption. I mean the noodlings, not the fried-egg rolls and cups of tea. Those have been consumed. You can't have a fried-egg roll and a cup of tea. Well you can but you have to make them yourself. And you might want to check the date on those eggs.

Side A:
  What's the damage, son?
  99 miles from Belgrade
  Punctured yolk
Side B:
  Brendan needs to get to Edinburgh (Sendymental)
  Motorvator blues
  Yarrow 3am
  Yarrow 5am
  Yarrow intermission
  Ben Gardener reprise

Limited edition of 41 tapes, one for each Larsson goal of the 2003-2004 season. Choose your preferred goal from here if you want (first come first served): 

Dead Labour Process "Rats in the Gravy of Knowledge" pifho014 cdr £4

I think there might be something genuinely special and profound about this one. I can't be completely sure though as my brain died when I listened to the first track on repeat 17 times. Live tape mutilations and vocal derangement from all over Europe and even a couple of glorious "reinterpretations of popular song" from the guy that put the "scl" in Muscletusk, the "...mmerTr..." in the Brittle Hammer Trio and the "Unverified Records" in Unverified Records.

1. Leisure centre aesthetic
2. Dumbhead
3. Hundreds of mummified cats
4. Rats in the gravy of knowledge aka "title track"
5. Each man must realise
6. You are marzipan
7. Famous blue raincoat
8. Each dead child will be gone
9. Conception of a social god for the incects
10. (I wanna live in a) retirement home

  Dead Labour Process - Leisure centre aesthetic by pifho 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Scrim reviewz...

Newcastle's Joe Solar Plexus Posset wrote some lovely stuff about our 3-inchers... Thanks Joe!

Scrim – Facetide 3 inch CD-R. Two tracks of ‘eh!’ from the mighty Scrim. First offering is a loop-based mong ritual. All whirring electronics and echoed squeak-hinges. The main skinny matches drawn-out fake bird calls (a silicone-based canary perhaps) against mini tug boats emerging from freezing sea-fret. Brrrrrrr. Then the ghost of some Bhutanese horn solo peers through the fog twirling your ear hair. Comes wrapped in a piece of paper depicting a melting eyeball (or something).

Scrim – Untitled 3 inch CD-R. One longish track of heavy, doomy electronics. Like the soundtrack to a film about depressed goats; this is one moody bitch. It made me think of Throbbing Gristle. Not that I ever really sort out the Throbbies myself (crap haircuts & greatcoats) but I read plenty. From what I gather they were looking for this peculiar grey and unsettling quality that Scrim seemed to have tossed off as easily as posting a letter. heard it here first...Scrim out Throb the Gristlers. Track two comes across like the sound effects from Tom Baker era Dr Who...a sand storm on Skaro? Whistling and abrasive this one comes wrapped in a drawing of legs turning into trees.

Scrim – Post Incdmeula 3 inch CD-R. I’ve probably got the title of this one wrong...I can’t make it out clearly. That’s a pity because this is a ‘must have’ disc for anyone interested in the new out there (or TNAT as I like to call it). 5 tracks of hissing, seething tape melange. All hunkered down and twitching yr sweet spot all tender like. Scrim do that most magic of things and manage to arrange their loops not one stacked on the other but horizontally...beneath and beside each other. I’ve no idea how they manage this...hey if I did I wouldn’t be writing this chump’d be reading it off the reflection in my eyeballs man. But it’s not all cracking malevolence...there’s real beauty in some of these melting, warped strokes. ‘Dropped Letters’ is like the conversation between two brain-damaged robots....declaring their love for each other with mushy mouths and tinfoil voices.. Awesome. Comes wrapped in a drawing like some diseased ice cream.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

King Rib "Camp Hollers Volume 2" pifho013 cdr £4

More synthy guitary swirly loopy ambienty archivey shit recorded in various bedrooms across central Scotland about 5 years ago etc.

"Day 2 is nearly over. Totally fannied. Put on Camp Hollers Vol. 2. Fucking smooth as fuck."--Milroy.
Limited edition of 40.

Shareholder "Your Friend Chips" pifho012 cdr £4

Leith's very own Hank Williams of noise rambles his none-too-merry way through songs about cataclysms, care homes and the like. If, not unreasonably, you think no-one's written a decent song yet this century, you'll need to get this.