Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Various "Winners Don't Shiver" pifho009 cdr £4

Tim Le Breuilly "Polar Bear"
Windson Damon Beast "Templo De Debod"
Ali Robertson "Fife In Oxgangs Pt. 1"
Wounded Knee "Dubhkazoo"
Scrim "Offer Fox Ache"
Fordell Research Unit "Orchidectomy"
Dead Labour Process "You Hardly Know Me"
Ali Robertson "Fife In Oxgangs Pt. 2"
King Rib "Black Snake Moan"
Ali Robertson & Fraser Burnett "Fife In Oxgangs Pt. 3"
Retail Unit "This Is My Round"

A collection of Lothian-based scare-mongering/propaganda etc., the perpetrators of which have all appeared at Winners Don't Shiver in some guise or other over the last couple of years.

Scrim "Post-Incunabula" pifho008 3in cdr £3

Chronological Obsession



Dropped Letters

Attention-deficient jams from the first 6 months or so of Scrim's triumphant return to South Leith. Tapes and synths and squeals and shit, all contained within the 3rd of the now-infamous Ash Reid folded covers.