Tuesday, 22 June 2010

King Rib "Camp Hollers Volume 2" pifho013 cdr £4

More synthy guitary swirly loopy ambienty archivey shit recorded in various bedrooms across central Scotland about 5 years ago etc.

"Day 2 is nearly over. Totally fannied. Put on Camp Hollers Vol. 2. Fucking smooth as fuck."--Milroy.
Limited edition of 40.

Shareholder "Your Friend Chips" pifho012 cdr £4

Leith's very own Hank Williams of noise rambles his none-too-merry way through songs about cataclysms, care homes and the like. If, not unreasonably, you think no-one's written a decent song yet this century, you'll need to get this.

Fordell Research Unit "OMG it's... FRU" pifho011 cdr £4

Puerility of the title matched only by that of the sleeve, done by copying a photo off facebook into microsoft paint and then drawing over the top of it. Rest assured, the actual sounds on the disc are of a weightier nature by some distance. As the wise man said, "it's all about the drone"... although he could easily have added "and the hiss, and the scrapey bits". Actually naw, just the first bit was better. That's why he's the wise man I guess.

Four tracks. Limited edition of 40.


Sindre Bjerga "Northern Enlightenment" pjorncd0024/pifho010 cdr £4

Norway's Sindre Bjerga headlines Winners Don't Shiver at the cave, October 2009 (probably the best one yet!).

Ethereal twinkles twinkle, sub-marine rumbles rumble, and glacial winds wind their way to an ecstatic final five minutes of layered drone. Turn it up and sit the fuck down.

Released in conjunction with Pjorn72. Limited edition of 60.