Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dead Labour Process "Rats in the Gravy of Knowledge" pifho014 cdr £4

I think there might be something genuinely special and profound about this one. I can't be completely sure though as my brain died when I listened to the first track on repeat 17 times. Live tape mutilations and vocal derangement from all over Europe and even a couple of glorious "reinterpretations of popular song" from the guy that put the "scl" in Muscletusk, the "...mmerTr..." in the Brittle Hammer Trio and the "Unverified Records" in Unverified Records.

1. Leisure centre aesthetic
2. Dumbhead
3. Hundreds of mummified cats
4. Rats in the gravy of knowledge aka "title track"
5. Each man must realise
6. You are marzipan
7. Famous blue raincoat
8. Each dead child will be gone
9. Conception of a social god for the incects
10. (I wanna live in a) retirement home

  Dead Labour Process - Leisure centre aesthetic by pifho 

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