Sunday, 25 March 2012

Graham Stewart & Brendan McGeever "Larsson Sessions" pifho007 C46 £4

You were probably wondering why there was no pifho007 yet. You weren't? Ok. Well, it was set aside for these extra-special Kelvinside-twee synth noodlings, recorded, in honour of King Henke, over the course of two days, in a box-room, in 2004, between and during fried-egg rolls and cups of tea and a trip to Edinburgh and back. These have been left to mature for 7 years and are only now ready for your consumption. I mean the noodlings, not the fried-egg rolls and cups of tea. Those have been consumed. You can't have a fried-egg roll and a cup of tea. Well you can but you have to make them yourself. And you might want to check the date on those eggs.

Side A:
  What's the damage, son?
  99 miles from Belgrade
  Punctured yolk
Side B:
  Brendan needs to get to Edinburgh (Sendymental)
  Motorvator blues
  Yarrow 3am
  Yarrow 5am
  Yarrow intermission
  Ben Gardener reprise

Limited edition of 41 tapes, one for each Larsson goal of the 2003-2004 season. Choose your preferred goal from here if you want (first come first served): 

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