Sunday, 25 March 2012

Smear Campaign "Rapunzel, Let Down Your Guard" pifho015 C35 £4

First part of the "Rapunzel" trilogy (apparently "there is an intricate concept and a narrative arc, but for the moment let's leave it at 'Futuro-Mediaevalism'"), the third of which, "Rapunzel, Let Down My Tyres" is already available on SC's excellent Total Vermin label - - and the second, "...Mother", is forthcoming on Beartown records -

Side 1 here is an emotional rollercoaster, long-since abandoned to vandalism and rust, which has been coaxed by feral youths into one final journey along the only remaining section of track between foreboding and despair, while side 2 features, among other things, what appears to be a thoroughly researched historical re-enactment of the infamous drum machine mutiny of 1986 at Roland Corporation headquarters.

Side A
1. Cadaver Palaver
2. "The Gag! The Gag!"
3. Archimedes' Mirror Self-Tan
Side B
1. Act 2: Snivelling Pissabed Enters
2. Conduit Locknuts, Loops and Nipples
3. Disco, Bald and Chain'd
4. A Warning to the Gable-Ended

  Smear Campaign - Cadaver palaver by pifho

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