Sunday, 25 March 2012

Various "Winners Don't Shiver" (#2) pifho016 cdr £4

They are loved, loathed, feared, despised and even worshipped; human beings whose appearances and natures often conspire to defy that very description. We call them freaks. We have exhibited them, exploited them, applauded them, laughed at them and, sometimes, shut them far away from the world...

Nackt Insecten “Dead Good Song”
The Gamecock “The Gila Myth Made Flesh”
Andrew Perry “The Mistake”
Acrid Lactations “Confess! Hapless Monkling”
Boom Edan “Hey Come Here”
Tripping Landlocked Infidels “With Spleen in Pocket”
Helhesten “Blue Steel Burned Off”
Hobo Sonn “Hydro-electric”
C.A.G. “Man Daby Vestibule for Pre Kluxen Serenade”
Johnny Scarr “Circular Hillage”
Bad Orb “Monobassatron”
CK Dexter Haven “Sightless Insects Chew Barnacled Rope”
Ananas Pyramidalis “Lytchett Lipshit”
Solipstink “Bogey Nights”
Kunstlusk “Everyone in Norway Loves This Climbing Mouse”

  Nackt Insecten - Dead good song by pifho

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